Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ruth Graham's passing...

Everything that I have read about Ruth Graham has shown that she is a woman who above all else, loved God with her whole heart. Mrs. Graham passed away on Thursday, June 14 at the age of 87.

I read this article and it brought tears to my eyes. She will be sadly missed, but her family knows she had a wonderful reception in heaven.

I hope and pray that when I pass from this earth, that through my actions, those that love me believe that I will have a wonderful reception in heaven as well.

God bless you Mrs. Graham.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

T he things you taught me I will always know.
H ow could I not? The roots have sunk so deep:
A ll lessons of the heart that I will keep
N o matter who I am or where I go.
K ids learn from what their parents are, and so
Y ou are my book of life, the thoughts I reap;
O nly in your arms I quiet sleep;
U nder my words your voice sings soft and slow.
F rom you I learned the rules of right and wrong
A gainst which I at times had to rebel,
T hough with regret I carry with me still.
H ow lucky I am to have been loved so well,
E ven as I pushed against your will,
R elying on a father fair and strong.