Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Princess and the Pea

This devotional is from Keys For Kids. I wanted to share it with you. www.KeysForKids.org

TITLE: The Princess and the Pea

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 32:1-5


"Grandma, will you read The Princess and the Pea to me before I go to bed?" begged Alonya when she and her sister were staying over at Grandma's house.

"Oh, you know that story," said her sister, Terre. "The princess couldn't sleep good because there was a pea under her mattress. Even though there were lots of mattresses on her bed, the pea still kept her awake, and she . . ."

"Don't tell it!" protested Alonya. "I want to hear Grandma read it."

"I'll read it," agreed Grandma with a smile. She took the book Alonya handed her and read the story. "Bedtime," she announced when she finished.

While tucking the girls into bed a little later, Grandma began feeling under the mattress. "What are you doing, Grandma?" Alonya asked.

"I'm looking for peas, Princess!" Grandma replied.

Terre giggled. "There aren't any there, Grandma," she said.

"Good," said Grandma. "I hope there aren't any in your lives, either." She smiled at the puzzled expression on the girls' faces. "The pea in the story reminds me of a time when I did something wrong," said Grandma. "I took a dime from my mom's purse. I thought it didn't matter because it was such a little thing. But what does God say about stealing?"

"You shall not steal," quoted Terre.

"That's right," agreed Grandma. "My stealing was like the pea in the story. It was hidden, but it really bothered me. Sometimes I would lie awake at night, tossing and turning, thinking about it."

"Just like in The Princess and the Pea!" Alonya cried. "But you're not a princess, Grandma."

"In a way I am," said Grandma. "Our heavenly Father is the King of kings, and we're His children, so doesn't that make us princesses?"

"Wow! I never thought of that," said Alonya. "What happened to you next?"

"Finally, I couldn't stand trying to hide my sin any longer," said Grandma. "I had to ask Jesus and my mother to forgive me."

"And did you live happily ever after?" Terre asked, grinning.

Grandma smiled. "I must admit I still sin sometimes," she said, "but when I think about what happened so long ago, it's a good reminder to always confess my sin. I don't want any more 'peas under my mattress.'"


I will confess my transgressions to the Lord. Psalm 32:5

Do you have any "peas under your mattress"? Have you done things that you feel guilty about? Does your conscience bother you? If you're a Christian, it's the Holy Spirit who makes you feel guilty when you sin. Confess your sin and get right with God. It's the only way to have peace.

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