Friday, June 1, 2007

It's Blogtipping Day!

Yep, it’s Blogtipping day! The first calendar day of each month is a new Blogtipping Day. I first started this on my Craft Blog, but this month, I'm planning to participate with all 4 of my blogs!

Here’s my list for June. These blogs are all Christian related blogs. Enjoy!

Blogtippee #1:
The "What If" Women...

This is a great Christian blog that features the ponderings of five women of the Lord. They begin each day with a simple question: "What If..." Their daily questions really make you stop and think...

Blogtippee #2 Look to the Lord

Wow! This is a brand new blog that already has 335 postings since May! It is filled with stories, poems jokes and scripture. It's definitely going to take me some time to get through all of the posts, but it will be fun!

Blogtippee #3 The Road Not Chosen

What an inspiration blog! It is written by a mom with a teenage son with Down Syndrome. She says that we don't always get to choose the road we're on, but the journey is always interesting! It's a great Christian blog and I enjoyed reading her stories.

That’s it for this month! Take a moment to check out each of these fantastic craft blogs! Come back next month to see who I Blogtipped!


Randee said...


Thank you for stopping over to The What If...Women blog and making the recommendation. What an honor!

As you can see, we love Jesus and others. We love having "real" conversations about our walk with the Lord as women.

Hope you'll join us in the future for some chick chat!

Anne said...

Bev, what an honor to be featured on your blog, and to have you visit the "What If" women. As Randee said, we are being real, and through that vulnerability I've seen God touch us all. What a pleasure to meet you and find your blog as well.

Shalene said...

Saw your comment on the What If Women blog, and had to visit yours as well. The What If Women is one of my favorite blogs, and though I'm not one of the authors, they've welcomed me with open arms and I've become "friends" with a few of them as well. I'll have to add your blog to my favorite links on my blog. God bless and hope to see your comments posted again soon.

Lori said...

Thanks so much for visiting & for the recommendation. I'm enjoying your blog also!

Lori Arriaga said...

Hi Bev,

Thanks for stopping by our What if Women blog. We always love to meet other women. I look forward to getting to know you and having you join in the discussions with us. I love the idea of blogtipping, we are honored that you gave us a recommendation.