Monday, August 6, 2007

They're Home!

The girls are home from Church camp! We went to pick them up yesterday afternoon. They slept the whole way home! lol! They keep them very, very busy while they are there. They both really love going there and can't wait till next year already!

Hubby and I had a really nice weekend at our camper in Titusville with Ray and Lisa (my brother and his wife). It is weird to be camping without the girls! We had a very relaxing weekend and didn't do a whole lot except eat! But that's pretty typical when you go camping :)

The girls and I leave on Friday for a Girls Weekend at the Beach and we can't wait!!! Frank's sister is going with us and my niece Breanna, and two of Jillian's friends, so there will be 7 of us all together. We're looking forward to days spent on the beach and relaxing evenings... I can't wait!!!!

One of the things we did last year when we went was to go to church on Sunday on the beach! We found a church that holds their services right on the beach. You bring your beach chairs and they had someone who played the guitar and we sang praise songs and listened to the preacher while we watched the waves rolling in. It was wonderful.... We definitely want to look into that again this year!

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