Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hi-Tech Gospel

These are great! Just thought I'd share...

Without sounding too idealistic, we are living in the most exciting time in history. Consider the following:

- Noah would have loved a chainsaw and nailgun
- Abraham and Moses needed a GPS
- Jacob would have loved a Temperpedic pillow, a black belt in Karate, and Match.com
- Joshua needed a boombox and bullhorn
- Gideon needed Scotch Guard for his fleece, and 300 Coleman lanterns for his army
- Hannah and Rachel would have loved invitro fertilization
- David could have used an M-16 with grenade launcher
- Solomon and Samson needed a 12-Step program for sex-aholics
- Elijah would have loved Dominos delivered twice a day by the Brook Cherith...in 30 minutes or less. He also needed a nice Armani suit.
- Elisha would have profited from a "bearable" anger management class
- Daniel could have used a 100-pound bag of catnip
- Eli needed Jennie Craig
- Hosea would have loved e-Harmony.com
- Job needed a good HMO plan, and AFLAC
- Esther needed the CIA, the FBI, a good security system, and (I hate to say it) the ACLU
- Caleb could have done TV commercials alongside of Jack LaLanne
- John the Baptist, Stephen and James needed defense attorney, Johnny Cochran ("if it does not fit, you must acquit")
- Nicodemus was lucky they didn't have papparazi and "The Enquirer" back then
- Paul would have loved a laptop, Blackberry, Lasik surgery, and a 4-pound polyfil REI sleeping bag
- and Timothy needed "Developing the Leader Within You," by John C. Maxwell

In spite of all the modern conveniences and excellent programs we have today, however, God used those Bible characters to bring about His purposes...in mighty ways. In fact, we are too heavily dependent on our own resources, and often miss the joy of walking by faith.

Today, may we turn it off, tune it out, power it down, and disarm it long enough to sit at the feet of Jesus, be filled with the Spirit and walk in the power of God.

- Kurt's Daily Muse http://www.bethesdadesigns.com/KurtMuse/

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