Sunday, April 29, 2007

Noah's Ark

I wanted to share a news article with you about a Working Replica of Noah's Ark that opened in the Netherlands yesterday. Johan Huibers did the work mostly with his own hands, using modern tools and occasional help from his son Roy. Construction began in May 2005.

Reckoning by the old biblical measurements, Johan's fully functional ark is 150 cubits long, 30 cubits high and 20 cubits wide. That's two-thirds the length of a football field and as high as a three-story house. Visitors on the first day were stunned.

"It's past comprehension," said Mary Louise Starosciak, who happened to be bicycling by with her husband while on vacation when they saw the ark looming over the local landscape.

"I knew the story of Noah, but I had no idea the boat would have been so big." This replica is five times smaller than the Ark described in the Bible. Can you even imagine how large the real Noah's Ark must have been?

If I were to ever visit the Netherlands, this is one exhibit that I would love to see.

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