Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sifted Through The Hands Of The Lord

As a child of the King, you will sometimes face trials far bigger than you think you can bear. At times, they may shock you when you don't see them coming or you think life is simply not fair.

But there is no situation, circumstance or crisis that wasn't first seen by God on His throne. For it was sifted through His hands... previewed by His eyes before the details on earth could be known.

God allows the situations that come into our lives but holds back what He knows we can't take. We are left with a problem... but we're never left alone through any battles or decisions we make.

While it's true at the onset, we may not feel equipped for the difficult, new chapter at hand. If we reach in faith for the Father... He'll equip us daily for all the things that we don't understand.

And we have to realize and truly believe that the crisis was never meant to destroy.

But rather, God allows it, to deepen our dependence and show us truths that will then bring us joy.

The same hands that sift out, to allow what we're facing will give courage & strength to go on.

For God will bless us daily with His sovereignty and grace and in Him we're victorious and strong.

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